Monday, February 15, 2010

Almost there....

(Thanks Shelley! We only used 3 of the 4 birds for now!)

This is my grandmother's antique sewing table (haven't hung all the things up yet so it's kinda junky looking and THAT'S MY NEW MACHINE MOM & DAD GOT ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY! It scares me it's so hightech! lol)

This is my grandpa's kitchen chair he sat in to eat his meals in and I have the other chair that was my grandma's to paint and it's going to be the robins egg blue with a wide vertical striped blue and brown canvas that is gorgeous (I finished covering the seat this weekend).

I made the curtains myself using my new fancy smancy machine...terrified myself w/ a brand new machine and 6 yards of fabric!! lol

It's almost finished! Shelby LOVES the room so much and so do we! That's my new hangout spot! Anytime I'm at home and Josh comes in, he knows exactly where to find me! I'll be sewing away tomorrow at my "sewing nook" in between a dentist and hair appointment at New Creations here in town. I took the day off. :) PLUS, I have a HORRIBLE chest/throat cold that I shared w/ Josh so we are both pretty tired and miserable. I sound like a retired cheerleader after years of screaming and chain-smoking... A..W..F..U..L.... I am tired of hearing, "What?" "Huh" "what did u say?" lol... I need to perfect my sign language skills. My throat doesn't hurt but my chest does and I can't stop coughing once I start so a day off tomorrow w/ minimal duties sounds great! Shelby will be going to Ms. Minnas to get her Play-on and some social interaction other than my hackin and the fear of her getting that will be good.
I hope to get the room a little more organized so I can finish the wall hangings and all. I also hope to get my sewing things into my area pretty soon. It's a DISASTER ZONE in the laundry room but thank goodness the hanging clothes cover it up so all you focus on is the DISASTER ZONE OF CLOTHES IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM BUT,Thanks to Mammy, who comes to keep Sheebee Shake on Monday's, she organizes and folds and cleans the laundry/disaster zone that I've seemed to terrorize in a week :)...I don't purposely make it messy so she can clean it, it just happens that way...thank the Lord for her though! I do try to wash the clothes and dry them....just not folding... Josh was developing a very thin thread w/ me and the "disaster area" :) Thanks for saving the day Mammy! Love you lots!! You're the best! I feel so much more relaxed and calm after Mammy's been at my house for a day. She makes it feel so shiney and new in the house. I guess w/ us being sick and non-stop going lately, my housework skills have been slackin... which drives me nuts! I want to have a clean home at all times, and yes, it is possible w/ an 8 month old. It just seems that I always am either gone or sick when there is an opportunity to clean...deeeeeppp clean...not just dusting around things or picking up lint off the floors under the couch. I mean CLEAN to eat off the floor cleaning! That's what I like to do. As crazy as this sounds, that's my therapy. :) SO...HOPEFULLY I'll feel up to that tomorrow amongst my now 10:15am dentist appt. and 2pm hair appt. OH, btw, I'm getting A NEW DO! HAVING MY HAIR COLORED AND CUT! I have not had color on this mane since I was a sophomore in college! Joana will work her magic as always! I'll take a before & after pic for you! ;)so lots of rambling today...haha
~God bless,


The Smith Family said...

Seriously looks SO SO cute!
You have been wokin' hard!
The tree and birds look even CUTER on the wall!!
You've done a great job!
I hope you start feeling better.

jill said...

the playroom is looking so good! enjoy your day off! :)

Stacy said...

room looks so cute!! can't wait to see ur hair!!