Thursday, February 11, 2010

Diva Doll

Is this not the most precious thing to see every day! She will be 8 MONTHS OLD FRIDAY THE 12TH!! Where has my newborn gone? I am LOVING this stage though 10x better than the newborn stage! Crazy, I know, but I am. She is soooo full of personality and spunk and is still cuddly, on her terms, and EXTREMELY social, which she gets honestly from all sides of the families. She wakes up happy every day, unless she's sick, and is an absolute doll! She LOVES to be the center of attention, again, have no idea who or where she gets that. I try to take a pic of Shelby's outfit when it's too cute for words and this is usually everyday and how she poses now for me (you can tell she's not proud at all and very shy...wuteva!)! LOL...Josh says she looks like a showgirl w/ that "hair adornment" thanks to me, her fabulous stylist. :) I think I should put that on my resume! "Premier Diva Stylist" ;) She is very MUCH a diva already. I have no idea where she gets it from! LOL....
Well, here's sneak peek at some new Bizzy Bs creations and ones to finish:

I also, along w/ the blog revamp, re-did my business card. I wanted it to be co-hesive with the blog so it's easily associated with each other. It's fun doing graphic art off and on when it's not competitive and corporate! I had a hard time w/ that but enjoyed being a designer. I would love to get more into graphic design again. After all, I did get a degee in graphic design. LOL...
Here's a few things I've done in the recent past that I thoroughly enjoyed doing (some were used and others were just to play around w/ ideas)

She is an interior designer (on the sly and at heart) but works in a different field by day. Her tablescapes are TO DIE FOR as well as her ideas (as you could tell by the ideas she came up w/ for our playroom that I'M STILL TRYING to execute and pull-off slowly but surely!). I wanted to make her logo reflect her personality as well as be identifiable as to what type of business it is for. She chose the first one, which I LOVE and am very pleased to have done it for her. In the last one, that pic is of one of her tablescapes! If you click on the pics you can see it better.
~God bless,

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