Friday, February 5, 2010


SO I GOT TO SEW!! WOO HOO!! Josh took Sheebee Shake to SAU's basketball game last night, where they fought to the finish but lost in overtime against AR Tech who's #1 so at least we went into overtime! :) Here's a pic of my cuties before they headed out to the game:

And here's the fruits of my labor last night
The Iglesias Diaper Bag for a friend of my dear friend, Jessica. :)

I just LOVE how it turned out and all the colors! Her friend, Melissa, doesn't know what she's having so Jessica wanted to do something gender neutral and IT'S GORGEOUS! The wipe case is too cute too! I love the whimsy of this set!
Thanks so much for letting me make yet another fabulous bag I'd like to keep, lol... Jessica!! Hope it's nice and beautiful in Key West, FL!! It looks and feels like London here :( ugh....

Here's somethings that are to come for Bizzy B's: :) are you excited??? I SURE AM! I really think my life career is to be someone who gets to wear costumes w/ feathers, glittler, sequins, bright colors, fabulous make-up & hair....sounds well w/o all the nudity and the outfits! :) Plus, i don't meet the heighth OR WEIGHT o well.. only in my dreams....i'll just keep making shelby cute and live through her :) LOL...
And also, I am quite proud of my new camera mom got me for Christmas! :) I took these pics myself! I am in NO MEANS a photographer, just not a talent God gave me, so these I think are pretty good :)

The GORGEOUS feathers are courtesy of my new found etsy friend, Pegasus22. She has THE MOST AMAZING selections of feathers and beautiful items you could imagine! Go to her etsy store and tell her Bekah from Bizzy Bs sent ya! :) Also go check out her other two stores, here and here, for some fabulous and chic items!!
The BEAUTIFUL vintage clip-on earrings were sent to me from my other BFF, Nichole, all the way from Terra Haute, Indiana ( i still don't pronounce that right so don't ask, lol)!!
What a great evening I had! Oh, and this is what I get to love on and see every morning (No she did not wake up w/ that on her head, this was yesterday after getting her ready for Ms. Minna's :)):

Is that not the most wonderful thing to see every morning! How can anyone deny God as The Creator and Lord of all??
~God bless,

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The Smith Family said...

She looks SO cute for the game! I bet all the people around her were Oooing and Ahhing to see such a CUTE baby at a sporting event!
So fun! What a great hubby!
Shelley Smith