Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Teethin Tuesday

Today's header is nothing BUT APPROPRIATE AND PERFECT for our lives the last 4 months but especially 2am-5am THIS MORNING...O M G...
Shelby woke up SCREAMING at 2am. Not crying or whimpering but the type of scream that sends all moms in the world flying out of their beds in a full sprint in whatever kind of clothing they are in to the crib of their wee one type of cry. The only thing,
Josh and I were losing it and so was Shelby. We tried EVERYTHING but nighttime oragel so if this occurs, which I pray it won't, again, we will try it. We tried the teething tablets, tylenol, a bottle...nothing worked...she eventually drifted off after 5am and she and I slept in the guest room. Thank goodness I'm off today for a dentist appointment and a hair appointment or I'd have to have taken off anyway for a "Mental Health Day". O M G... the only thing though is that i feel awful for even posting this b/c there are some around the world that long for this experience or will never have a late night scream-fest w/ their child b/c their baby is sick. Its times like this that I try to not dwell on how small my problems are and consider how grateful I should be to even have a healthy baby who can cry and tell us she's in pain. I am thankful for her tears and her screaming b/c some will never get that. I take each moment of this journey that God gives us to heart and try not to wish for anything other than what God gives us b/c we are so blessed to have a healthy, happy, baby girl.

Just a teething tuesday...but a wonderful tuesday at that! I am going to get a before and after pic of my hair and post it probably tomorrow! I am soo excited!!

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