Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Zebra Feathers

I have a new model from afar for Bizzy B's and I featured her in yesterday's post wearing the new feather band for Bizzy B's and today, I'm featuring her wearing the new Wild Flower

The color is a bit off in this pic below b/c it was taken w/ my cell phone

I just love bright colors and feathers on a little one! Hee hee!
These clips can be made w/ leopard, zebra or snow leaopard flowers and any accent colors. Pink and green are always cute together and it's what I had lying around so I went w/ it!
This is Shelby in her variation of the clip. It just has one feather in hot pink.

I LOVE shelby's headband! It came from Pink & Blue Avenue here in town. She also has it in hot pink w/ black leopard spots! :) Sooo shelby!
~God bless,


jill said...

love all the feathers!

Mollie said...

Cute....Love the feathers!!! The other day at church she had a BIG ONE on....and the "lil ole" ladies were laughing and talking about how Shelby never pulls hers off- I said..."she probably think it is part of her...her growth on her head!!" HA!! Honest- If I had a girl...mine would have a GROWTH TOO!! TOO CUTE WITH NO HAIR & LOTS OF BOW!!! Love ya!!

Sandi said...

I love the feathers more than the big flowers. I especially loved yesterday's feathers. Just gorgeous, and what a great model.