Monday, November 16, 2015

Pinto Color Breed Congress 2015

Shelby, GiGi & I traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma Thursday morning for shelby to compete in her first Color Breed Congress show.  It was awesome and soo much bigger than we ever thought! There were over 1000 horses there and this was the biggest barn I've ever seen! There were at least 2 more just like it that weren't housing horses for this show but will at Pinto World.  The show was in 2 arena's and one was the size shelby is use to and the other, well.. it's the biggest horse arena I've ever seen! It had a jumbo-tron! haha...Badger was afraid of the stands with all the people and the flash photography so he spooked during her horsemanship class but we are sooo proud of her and her accomplishment in her first big show! She was called out in one of her walk trot classes as 8th and that's a BIG DEAL!! No ribbons, but just to be called out, was just as awesome for her and for me as a proud show momma!
She looked absolutely beautiful and she felt right at home w/ all the pro's! She made so many friends, young and old. We made friends from Iowa we hope to see again this summer if we go to world.  She was in her element and absolutely found her place in this world of equine!

we got to watch Ms. Linda & Bree compete in Showmanship!

never seen so many beautiful horses

 Time for practice... it was late but she did well!

 Shelby LOVED the hotel! We had a beautiful view!

We had to be at the barn by 8;30 for her Horsemanship class....
 She's dressed and ready! Her shirt looked great!

She was the dog-sitter of the weekend! haha This is Hazzie (Hazard) from Iowa

 Day 2 of her riding....

 What a great 4 days!! Shelby was wiped out but loved every second of Color Congress!

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