Sunday, January 22, 2012

Still sick

We have made our 2nd ER visit in 3 days. Shelby had to have a 2nd catheter done today but this time in Texarkana for more answers! As great as they were to us here in Magnolia, their several tries with the catheter was tough and they're not trained for such a small body Today's at St. Michael's took 2 seconds, we felt much more at ease. They also did bloodwork and checked her urine and everything came out fine and NO UTI now ???? However they did referred us to a urologist in Little Rock at Arkansas Children's Hospital who is to call us Monday morning to check her stats.
As of right now at 11:23pm she's yet to pee since having a 2nd catheter so unless she pees in her sleep we will be going to ACH bright and early because this HAS TO BE FIXED! She can't have a catheter everytime she needs to pee. And if this is too TMI for you, then stop reading, but to us, her having two BM's today is great but when she can't pee at all even when she poops, SOMETHING IS WRONG! She has the urge to pee but SCREAMS, " it won't come out!" so either it's swollen, clogged or ????? We dunno but this can't continue!!!!! Please pray.
I feel great about the care she will receive at ACH but terrified to go and put her through MORE pain....

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Robyn Huffman said...

first of all, a huge *hug* for you. I know it must be difficult for you to see her like this. Will be saying lots of extra prayers for her tonight. They will take wonderful care of her at ACH. We had to take Abby there when she was about 2 months old due to her constantly getting a UTI. They ran all kinds of tests and I was more than freaked out, but they explained everything and were so very sweet and took wonderful care of her. If anyone will figure out what is wrong with lil miss Shelby it's the great doctors at ACH.

Karen said...

Sorry Magnolia didn't fix her. Doesn't make it a bad hospital, just a hospital that doesn't see a lot of toddlers.