Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bizzy B's Palette

Good morning! If you look at the right, I've got my new Bizzy B's Palette site button up!
I am OBSESSED with make-up that is GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN. I have VERY sensitive skin that breaks out easily and often if I don't take care of it. I mean, I have to clease my face twice a day, no option. I use a sunscreen, serum, moisturizer and try to take care of the skin I was given. :) With that said, Younique is PERFECT for keeping my skin healthy. It's ALL NATURAL. YES! I know right?! Amazing!
My makeup bag (more like BAGS AND DRAWERS), has always been a mix of expensive makeup, drugstore makeup, popular makeup and Younique. Of all the "stuff" in my bag, I ALWAYS go to my Younique makeup pieces before anything else.
This is also THE ONLY make-up I ever use on #horseshowsissy at her horse shows and special events from time to time when she wants to get all "fancy'd up", as she says. I use it because it is all-natural and doesn't burn her skin, leave it red or bumpy, it's easy to take off and it lasts! She has always worn the Stiff Upper Lip lipstain in Skittish and y'all... I'm tellin ya, it lasts ALL DAY! Between the sweat, dirt, drinks, food, wiping off from dirt, etc.... that a horse show can bring, it doesn't come off! It doesn't get on her show clothes, all over her face, NOTHING! IT'S AWESOME!

 So... with that said... I've done it! I'm now building up my makeup bag w/ these awesome products and would LOVE to show you some of my favorite pieces! Check it out, message me with questions and just have fun!


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