Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Woot Woot Wed. Is back!!

Ok so no excuses this time other than no Internet and I can't blog from my blackberry. Anyhow....Woot Woot Wednesday is back AND so am I! Lol
This week's Woot Woot is for this...

Isn't this the most fun, girly looking bag set?! I love it!!! It's for a new mommie I went to high school with. Her Sunday school teacher ordered this for her and I was delighted to do it! It goes with her theme and is soooo funky and fun!!!
I was in a pickle though b/c I needed this monogramming done and my "guy" was busy rooting his daughter on at the Miss Arkansas Pageant, where she did well, so I remembered how sweet Lori was to offer to do some custom work for me and she did BEAUTIFULLY!!! thank you soooo much Lori!

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Mrs. Claus said...

Such a cute bag! You are so talented!

Karen said...

That is the cutest bag ever