Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to the grind...

We had a blast at the lake for the annual Kee Camping trip. LOTZ of memories and great pics....We are already plannin a Burton/Kee campin trip SOON! yeah!!!!! Here's highlights from the week....all taken by my blackberry so excuse the quality but it's handy and easier than carrying my camera! Lol...
Our GORGEOUS lake side property!

Mammy took this pic fish in w/ pappy one morning...how can ANYONE say God doesn't exist?! THIS PROVES THEY'RE WRONG! Man can't do this!!

The Kee clan... Josh, Jeff (Josh's bro), Mammy and Sheebee....she's entertaining them as you can tell....Pappy's not in this one....

Pappy and his 2 girls....Shelby and cousin "Assin(Allison)" fishin

This is our 2 yr old in 150' deep water who wasn't the least bit afraid! Jumped off the boat into the water and swims like a fish! We swear she's grown gills!!!

This is our niece, Allison, and my dare devil hubby tubing and if u click on the image and enlarge it, you'll see Josh is doing his famous trick, standing on top of the tube. Yes, he's insane!! Lol

Cousin, "Assin" got sheebee her own campin chair w/ her favorite characters!!

Silly face! Lol she was also kinda cranky lol

"why are mammy and pappy not in our boat?!"

LOTZ of cheesy faces! Lol
We LOVE TO CAMP and always make the best of any circumstance! The weather was nice and cool the first few days but got HOT HOT HOT the end of the week but thank goodness for A/C!! Lol

Now it's time to get back to the grind...got the mountains of laundry done, gotta clean house that was clean when we left and I swear someone came in and dirtied it all up while we were gone all week and got LOTZ to sew! Yeah!!!!!!!
It was sooo great to have Josh off for a full week and have his undivided attention! Shelby and I enjoyed it soooo much!!! We are sooo blessed to have such a wonderful man in our lives!!!

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