Monday, July 4, 2011

4th at tha Lake

This 4th of July was great! We, me, Josh and Shelby, packed up the camper and went camping Friday thru Monday and had THE BEST site ever!!!

This was the view all around us.... About 30 feet fr the water!!

Helping daddy set

We don't have a boat but where we were we had our own private "beach" and swimming area! It was hot but great! We watched movies Shelby wanted in the heat of the day and swam A LOT! Shelby swam too! We bought her this life vest advised by my friend Rhonda and I must say I'm sooo glad we did b/c she LOVES IT and calls it her turtle shell hahaha

It's by Puddle Jumpers and we got it at Walmart. It was THE BEST thing because it didn't ride up and she could actually swim. She's gonna be a fish real soon! Josh would even toss her in the air and she'd go under, pop right up and would just giggle!! I'm soooo glad she wasn't afraid!! She loved "rid in the waves" the boats made and loved daddy diving for rocks to throw! Hahaha
We had such a blast! We never get to do things as just us 3 and it was awesome!!! Shelby's vocabulary is insanely huge now and this time as a baby has faded very swiftly away so this weekend reminded me of this and made me sad. Vie gotta lot of personal issues goin on with hormones and possible thyroid issues I'm waiting to hear results about so being surrounded by my true loves and not being anywhere near home and our daily routines.
We went into Hot Springs one day and took Shelby to the Arkansas Alligator Farm that our friends and josh's coworkers family actually own. Shelby was in heaven because her favorite animals were there....can u guess what that is??

Yeap! Turtles! Shah biiiggggg ones, or " big'ins" as Shelby would say..... One was over 300 lbs and was caught in Lake Catherine!!! She wanted to sit there all day! There was one little one that kep swimming up to her and wanting her attention. She kept saying, "a www he so toot! (cute)". Haha we also saw.....

Sorry so blurry. I was excited that Josh was holding a gator and Shelby wasn't afraid! Hahaha

These gators were like 8feet long and she wasn't scared at all!

Disregard the blur again..cell phone pic. I actually look thinner than I am in this pic. I officially like how josh's phone photographs me! Ahhahah. Anyway.....Shelby touched this baby gatorand I was shown her his/her toe nails...hahha

I love this pic. They were literally this close to each other and nothin but a chain link fence separation them! Hahaha she was fascinated.... He/she (the gator) was hot, cranky and hissing...haha and BIG!

Mini donkeys!! My heart was sooo full! I love donkeys and want one so bad. This sign cracked me up too

All in all the Alligator Farm was a hit!! You can even pet and feed goats inside their pen and I was too busy cracking up at them eaten josh's shorts, keepin my blue Jean capris from being shredded by this sneaky one who wanted jeans and not bread for a snack and making sure Shelby had enough bread to satisfy the "big'ins" she was feeding that had huge horns hahaha...

This weekend was needed for us and we made great memories at the same lake I went to since I was 10, Lake Greeson at Daisy State Park.

Can't wait for the annual Kee Camping trip coming up in 2 weeks! we are all going to DeGray for a week and will be with josh's brother's family and Mammy & Pappy. They have boats so that will be a new experience for Shelby and hope she loves it!
Oh check our these cute pics from shelby's last day at Miss Minna's for the summer til the fall....

I think she was thirsty! Hahaha

Wonder who's the boss of this group?! Hahaha
Happy Independence Day!

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