Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pap Pap Detox...Woot Woot!!

(this is the only kind of paci Shelby likes and when I say "likes" I mean she had a total of 10 as of yesterday that she uses regularly). She sleeps with all of them and has to have at least one in her mouth and one in each hand. Yeap, she's "that" kid. Lol. She's done a lot better since she's turned 2 of not needing them (3 pap paps) unless we were driving or she was sleeping. I felt the need to get rid of them ALL. Omg what am I doing?!! Lol. I knew it would be hard because she's sooooo attached and it's her security so it broke my heart to do it but I don't want it to affect her speech and her teeth and since she's got all her teeth and speaks in sentences, it's game time!!
So the second she woke up we had a talk. I told her that since she is 2, potty trained (for 2 months now), sleeps in a big bed, and talks to me and understands conversations that she needed to give her Pap Paps to new babies so they can feel safe like she did. She was ok with that...until a bout 30 min later and realized 8 of the 10 were gone ( I cut them and let her throw them away; I told her they broke because the babies get newly fixed ones but they need an old one to fix first). She whined and cried basically all day off and on....I kept telling her how big she is and how great she is and can find her comfort in God, Mommy and Daddy. She was ok...but was a very trying day!
I've documented my Facebook statuses and responses b/c it was funny...
Great stuff for the baby book!! Last night's bedtime was worrisome for me and Josh but to our surprise she slept great!! All night! The funny thing was WHAT she slept Facebook status was:
"Shelby has the right idea.. in time of need, cling to the Lord's Holy Word. she is asleep w/ her hootie blankie, ONE pap pap, her gator she caught w/ Troy fr Swamp People and clinging to her little white New Testament. amazing how a 2 year old can teach you when you're supposed to teach her!"
She now sleeps with and carries her bible w/ here everywhere! Has anyone ever heard of this as a Pap Pap replacement? I'm totally ok with it! Hahaha
I love you Shelby and today, July 13, 2011, you've been such a big girl and only wants your paci when you sleep! Way to go big girl! You also got a reward last night from me and daddy, a Magnadoodle! You love it and call it your "Big Gurl Toyee". Today you got to pick out a My Lil Pony and of course you got the one with the most and tiniest pieces but you love it and demanded you sleep with it too so one more addition lol....
We love you...
Mommy and daddy

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