Thursday, June 30, 2011

Woot Woot Wednesday

Wow so it's been a while since I've let outa Woot Woot! Hahaha this week has been a roller coaster! Had new pics of shelby taken as a fundraiser for a local church mission trip by a friend of mine, Crystal and we are preparing to camp for the 4th, just us 3! :) had a drs appt yesterday and trying to get my hormones all straightened out. Gotta lot goin everywhere!! Hahaha
So, here's the pics I've seen from Crystal...
Oh, she's also doing boy shots like a fishing scene!! Adorable!!

The silver tea set is an heirloom my grandma gave to me. It's been in my dads family for over 100 years. I didn't even have to polish it! The different colored porcelain tea set in this last pic came from a dear friend of ours, Miss Linda, and Shelby loves to play with it but we keep it safe at Mammy's so it doesn't get broken. This was shelby's first tea party and since having these done Monday we've had one everyday since! Hahahah
One last thing, here's my new fav pic of me and Josh...

I just love this man! We had this taken at the Hospital fundraiser.

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Mrs. Claus said...

Love the tea party pics! Especially the one with you in it, just adorable!!