Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"toot" Tutorial Tuesday

Ok so no, toot doesn't mean what you think it does around our home but instead it means "Cute" in Shelby's language! This week I'm shown more pics of the Maci bag I did for a sweet local girl expecting baby girl #2. She's related to Mrs. Claus!

Thx again Mrs. Claus for the opportunity to make this bag!
Today's tutorial is how to make fabric flowers/ rosettes. It's Extremely simple and I know most of you have seen how to make them but I wanted to share the method I use.
Instead of me doing a million tutorials, I found how I've done many from Tip Junkie

Her tutorials are super easy and show great results!!!!

All these pics are from Tip Junkie
Have a blessed Tuesday and day!!!!!! Sorry I've been MIA but life was nuts the last few weeks....

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CindyC said...

What a fun "toot"orial! :)