Friday, June 3, 2011

So we had family pics taken by Stacy, Cloud Dust, as most of you know her by Thurs. night and I've seen 4 of the 20 shots she's edited so far and omg.....they are breathtaking!!!

Omg aren't they good!!!!!
Stacy's taken our pics since before we were 3!!! Intact, I was her first maternity shoot, I think???, and her first newborn shoot also. Here's some pics fr the past stacy's done of us.....

Obviously maternity shoot....Hanna...this was May 29, 2009 and boy was I huge!!!!!

The day she was born.... June 12, 2009. She was all cuddled up in her glamour fr uncle bear with me lyin in the hospital bed.

Two weeks old....soooo tiny :(

10 months old....April 2009
How in the world did this happen????

How did she get soooo big????

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