Monday, June 6, 2011

A little delayed

Ok so this week is amazingly "Bizzy". I had shelby's dermatologist appt in Texarkana At 9am (an hour away) this a.m., which went great....dr changed her eczema ointment to a 2 lb. Jar that's stronger and is putting her on a 9 day oral steroid to help with the eczema....this week I've also gotta finish decorating My VBS room before Thursday night, finish up shelby's party prep, bake cupcakes for her "class" on wed. and for her bday party on saturday as well as take my Cadillac to have the oil pan replaced on Friday b/c our Walmart striped the one it has so praise God they are finally gonna pay to have it fixes (over $2000 worth of damage/ labor). I am boycotting Walmart all together. I refuse to give them business after breaking my car for a routine oil change!!! Uugghhhhhhhhh k I'm off my soapbox. Lol.... Any hoo..... Needless to say Tutorial Tuesday YeT again will not be takin place this week due to shelby's 2nd bday prep and VBS and LIFE! Hahaha but here are two bag sets I've done recently! One is for a baby boy and the other for a girl...

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