Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dancing Queen

She's shakin her booty, not "poppin a squat" lol

First time wearing tap shoes! *tear*

Wow! My class?! Wow! My shoes make noise!!!

Showin us how to dance

Her other dance mate didn't like dance at all and cried a lot. She was a lot younger than Shelby. She's gonna be moved to either the 3 yr old class or the bigger class on Thurs. with girls on her age/ maturity level. :)

Learnin her first dance steps! I think Miss Karen (in the hat) taught her something in regards to "skish da bug (squish the bug)" b/c she's been showing me her dance moves and puts her hands on her hips, heel down toe up and puts toe down and moves it in a squirting motion saying "skish da bugs" and does the other foot too!
Tumble Time!!!
They could've taken her tutu off but she still looked cute!!

She loved to climb on the blocks, run, walking on the balance beams and her #1 favorite, the trampoline!! She did sooo well!! Miss Amy just bragged on her and kept saying, " she's not afraid of anything!" hahaha we know we know....lol.

We went to Dairy Queen after for ice cream as a treat for her doing sooo well!

She said, " I wuv dance at Kaffys ( the studio is called Kathy's Dance Arts Studio, KDAS or Kathy's; the best in town!!)"

I didn't cry today but my heart did leap a little when I left her for 45 min. I came back before her tumble class was over s I could take pics and see how she did. What a great day for our new little Dancing Queen!

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