Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hootie Hoo

(Sorry it's kinda dark; tryin to get a 9 month old to sit still to take a cell phone pic.... u try to do better ok? lol...)
So this weekend my first best friend in the world (we met the 1st day of 1st grade and went all through elementary, middle school, junior high and high school together..;) ) is getting married in Dallas (actually a suburb of Dallas..you know how that town is) this Saturday so me and my family are traveling w/ my mom & dad to go and we are also making this into a visit to see my brother & sis-in-law! They live in Irving, TX so we are staying near them. It's gonna be soo fun and I am soo looking forward to it! We leave Friday a.m. and will come home sometime Sunday p.m.

My brother, who's younger, has been named "Uncle Bear" and I'm not sure why or remember but it's fitting and his wife, Jessica, is Aunt Jessilu (her maiden name is Lujan, pronounced Loo hhaahhnn)and so whenever I say, "Shelby, we're going to go see Uncle Bear and Aunt Jessilu," she lights up and KNOWS who I'm talking about and also references them to her "Hootie Hoo" which Uncle Bear gave her! LOL.. cute huh?? She also has to now have Hootie Hoo in her bed w/ her and Bananas (her pink bear in the S onesie I've blogged about before that I took the "soothing soundsbox" out of b/c it's NOT SOO SOOTHING...LOL..as well as Sammy the Seahorse who no longer works but Sally who does :) OH AND you can't forget "bankie"(her blankie) and her 2, yes 2, Papaps (paci's). One has to be clipped to her and the other one isn't. lol...I'm sure I'll get some comments about having all this stuff in her bed but hey, YOU DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO TO GET YOUR LITTLE ONE TO SLEEP OK? LOL...)

Well, everytime I see Hootie Hoo I think of them and I also think and pray for this sweet gal. She is a doll and I enjoy reading her blog and updates and she's a Hoot Owl fanatic so it's only fitting that Shelby's Hootie Hoo makes me think of her as well. My mom likes owls too so owls are kinda special to me and I guess that's another reason I feel like I connect w/ her.
She blogged yesterday about a cool giveaway you should go check out too! ;)
Love ya and prayin for you Faith!
Have a blessed day and God bless,


jill said...

precious, mom!

Faith said...

This is such a sweet post! I love the pictures of cute little Shelby with her Hootie Hoo - just precious!!

And, I can't tell you enough how much your prayers mean to me. I am so grateful and humbled that others would intercede on our behalf. You have blessed me so much with your sweet heart.

Thank you! Hope you have a great time this weekend with your friends and family!