Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Layla Grace

This morning, precious Layla Grace passed away, losing her battle w/ Neuroblastoma but running into the arms of Jesus pain-free. Please pray for her family's strength. She was in a lot of pain & suffering even this morning early so I know it was rough on her parents & siblings. For now, the link to Layla Grace isn't working but I will add it anyway.
**Here is the twitter page: http://twitter.com/LaylaGrace
I posted about Layla previously this week on my "Please Pray" post.

Rest in peace sweet angel...your work here on earth is over and your life has blessed many and shown God's glory through it all...
Please take a moment and view this video of Layla Grace.
My heart cannot wrap around the sorrow and the hurt the Marsh's are feeling but I also cannot wrap around the feeling of relief, joy and thankfulness that they must be feeling that Layla is now at the feet of Jesus where there is no pain, no tears, no sorrow or even worry of tomorrow. I know they are terribly sad Layla is gone but are also rejoicing because she is finally in no more pain or suffering. Her little body did all it could here on earth and boy, what a work it did for the Lord!
~God bless & pray for the Marsh's,

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