Monday, March 22, 2010

Easter Bonnet

Ok so it's Spring Break here on campus for Faculty & Students but for Staff, nope. Working 4, 10's (7am-5:30pm Mon. thru Thurs. & off Friday). :(
Today, we had our annual Staff Awards Breakfast & this year's theme was "Hopping into Spring" & there was an Easter Bonnet competition. You know me, anything that's competitive-creative I'M ALL FOR.
Here's my Easter Bonnet that consisted of my favorites of Spring: my favorite spring/summer flowers, birds, and the rhinestones/jeweled antique pins that were my grandma's represent the colors the dew makes on the flowers in the morning, that i love as well....

Yes, this is my head...not a flower pot or

The winner received a Pandora bracelet w/ 2 charms, a "Mule"shoe dangle & a football...and..
I WON!! :) YEAH!! It's charms I do not have & the bracelet is different from mine.

I felt like all I needed was a stuffed sheep & a rod to herd cattle with and I'd be "Little Bo Peep". I felt like a blooming idiot, literally! LOL
I will blog tomorrow about this past weekend's festivities!
~God bless,

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Mrs. Claus said...

Congratulations! Love it!!