Monday, March 15, 2010

9 Months old

Shelby turned 9 months old on Friday! Wow...I cannot believe I have a 9 month old! I LOVE this age! She is sooo much fun!
Here's a little update into the daily life of Shelby, better known to us as "Sheebee Shake:"
She's now crawling, pulling up to stand, she said "Maa Maa" once, not sure how much she exactly weighs but we're guessing 18-19 lbs, is probably 27" long by now (again, not sure, we've not gone to the dr. yet), is VERY verbal w/ baby talk, can "Patty Cake" quite well, LOVES to clap to music, Smiles 24/7, is VERY sociable (gets it from Josh for sure!), is VERY much a Momma's Baby, makes THE cutest little smirks, can go 90 to nothin in her walker, loves to "get the puppy" (chase, slap, antigonize him), LOVES her daddy to rock her to sleep each night instead of me, smiles at you when you tell her "No No No" when she's doing what she shouldn't be, sleeps from about 9pm - 6:45am every night, is beginning to eat table food a lot better, STILL HAS NO TEETH AT ALL, loves to eat Yogurt Melts & Star Puffs, likes her "cup" which is a transitional bottle to a sippy cup that she can and rarely holds herself but is beginning to drink juice out of more often,

drinks no more than 4 8oz bottles a day w/ formula & cereal mixed (she will only drink it that way for some reason), loves bananas & carrots Gerber baby food; has one of each daily, is very much my child in that she LOVES jewelry and anything that sparkles (LOL), and is the best baby I've ever seen (yes, I'm biased and partial, but I've been told this as well not just by family :) )! I am so proud of you Shelby Lynne! You are our world and we love you more than we ever could imagine! Happy (Belated) 9 month birthday! Mommy's already planning your 1 year birthday, AND YOU GET TO GO ON YOUR VERY 1ST CRUISE 8 DAYS AFTER YOUR 1ST BIRTHDAY (June 20-27th)!! WOO HOO FOR US ALL!
love you baby have made our lives so much greater than we could ever imagined and our love soooo strong! One of my favorite quotes (No idea who wrote this sorry) is and has always been, "Having a child is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." I never realized how true that is until you came along Shelby.
9 months old, Friday, March, 12, 2010

~God bless,


amy (metz) walker said...

Great pictures...she's got the fullest little lips! Beautiful!

Sandi said...

Such a sweetie pie!!