Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Uncle Bear Visit

Well, as you know, we went to visit Uncle Bear & Aunt Jessilu this past weekend and wouldn't you know the ONE TIME we decide we can all go, which is supposed to be, the 1st day of Spring, IT SNOWS...LIKE 4" OF SNOW! AND COLD.... O M G... Friday was GORGEOUS but Sat. & Sun. ugh ugh! brrrrr!
Here's pics from the weekend....
The day started off w/ a "First" for Shelby; her 1st Big Tub bath!
SHE LOVED IT! No more little blue tub :(....

She also LOVES her Hippo Hoodie Towel from aunt Staci M.! Thx again Staci! She gave this to Shelby before she was born and I KNEW we'd use it b/c it's SOOO fluffy and thick and warm!

Then it was on to playing and reading. We were waiting on Daddy to get in; he had a breakfast to go to here at SAU. This is her FAVORITE book...I think it's because it has her picture in it and it plays music. LOL... vain?? naaaahhhhh

This is at Applebees on the way...not sure where we are at this point but I know by then we had watched "A Bugs Life" and taken a little power nap....

Had to have a wardrobe change to see Uncle Bear & Aunt Jessilu! We made it and wanted to eat at Saltgrass Steakhouse. Mmmmmm.... ended up w/ carrots staining this polo dress AGAIN! Ugh...lol

Loved the flowers w/ daddy. Shelby's a bright-colors kinda gal...like me! I just love this pic...he's whispering in her ear and she's just grinning! Melts my heart!

This was Saturday in the lobby as we discussed the day's plans since it was SNOWING AND FREEZING BY THEN...I just LOVE her monogrammed panties! These are done in all different colors, you can't tell but the stitchery is all different colors on the letters! My uncle Carlos gave her these.
OH and Yes, we are now not only crawling 90 to nothin but we are pulling up and standing 24/7 as well! The world of a still, cuddly baby is quickly fading away...She will DEFINITELY be walking by the cruise in June, which by the way, I found some ADORABLE outfits for Shelby on this trip for that!

I'll show you more later....for now, these are my fav's! She also did another "1st" this past weekend but I'll show you that later!
~God bless,

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jill said...

precious!!! love the blue dress with the leggings. :)