Monday, March 8, 2010

Hmm..transition to WordPress?

Ok so I was reading recently how WordPress is the new "thing" for blogs and how if Blogger decided to delete my blog they could and all my precious memories would be gone and so on and so forth...and I AM FREAKING OUT!! So, I immediately thought, "Well shoot, I'll just transition to WordPress." Ok, so once again, reality did not sink in and the thought of having to learn a new blog program and the work it took me to learn this one and how to make it cute and so on...did not sink in until now. Yes, I went and set-up a WordPress account, but that was it. NO IDEA WHAT TO DO NOW.. CAN ANYONE HELP? How do I transition to WordPress? I mean, is this something you can like click a magic button and ALLLLLL my previous posts and blogging (vents of insanity)will magically appear? I AM LOST....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not want to have to work super hard to make this work so if it's gonna be a pain in the "you know what" to do, then I'm not down for that and I'll just keep on keepin on w/ Blogger and PRAY they do not decide to delete me. Maybe if I add enough pics of Shelby they will say, "Awww, we won't delete this one b/c just look at that precious baby! She is too cute for words and this blog MUST remain for the world to ooooo and aaaahhh over this child." LOL :)
Ok, got another question....does my hair look dumb?

So I know like all 2 of you that read this will say, "OH girl, Naaa you look great!" So let's take off our "Sunday School Answer Hat" and say how you truly feel! LOL... I have always had a dilemma fixing my hair. See, I've got a lot of hair (in amount) but thin in texture so it's tough to manage at times. I've found that long hair suits me better and makes me not look like a total idiot. I do LOVE my new "Joana Do" but am not sure I'm fixing it right. See, my hair is BOARD STRAIGHT w/an odd wave pattern in like random sections of my hair so I'VE NEVER been the "wash, blow dry & go" gal...NEVER.... I ALWAYS have to fix it. I used to straighten it, well straight, but then I thought that made my face look fatter (part of that is thanks to Shelby and the lack of control/drive I have to lose the pre-pregnancy, thanks-a-lot-Clomid-weight from the infertility days) and so I thought I'd curl it...I've always liked to curl my hair. I dunno what it is about a good ole "dookey curl" that makes me smile. You know the one; the big, perfect, bouncy, ringlet that YOU PRAY will stay all day and that the rest of your hair will do. THAT'S THE ONE! So, I'VE FINALLY MASTERED THE "DOOKEY CURL" ALL OVER! Believe it or not, I DO NOT USE CURLERS OR A CURLING IRON! :) "WHAT'S THAT YOU SAY? NO CURLING IRON OR CURLERS? HOW DO YOU DO IT?" lol... well, I use my Chi. :) Yeap! My "straightener" "curls" my hair. LOL...You should've seen the look Josh gave me the first time I tried it and it worked. He said, "Umm, why are you using your 'straightener' to 'curl' your hair?" LOL... for some odd, unknown reason, my hair WILL NOT curl AND STAY w/ curlers or a curling iron any more. I have to use my Chi. Joana even used her 450 degree curling iron and it didn't work. LOL... See what I deal w/ on a daily basis? See what I have to work w/ everyday?! Life is a pile sometimes....BUT, I have mastered this technique and now I have this thought in my head, "OMG, what if I look like a total idiot and no one has the guts to tell me?" SO... be honest... do I need to X the curls or continue on? I like the curls but if it's out-dated and just too much, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! :) THANKS :)

Ok, so on top of my hair-insanity thoughts, I think I have pleurisy. Yeahp, what's that you ask.... well, here's the answer you will get if you Google it: Pleurisy, also known as pleuritis, is a condition that results from the swelling of the linings of the lungs and chest. The pleural cavity (area between lungs and inner chest wall) is created by two lubricated surfaces called pleura, the inner pleura lining the lungs and the outer lining the chest wall.

A variety of factors can cause the pleura to become inflamed and rub against one another, rather than slide smoothly, as one breathes. This is the cause of the chest pain associated with pleurisy (often called pleuritic pain).

It's either that or I've cracked or bruised a rib. I am in TERRIBLE pain that will not stop and of course when I cough, it's like being jabbed in the rib over and over. I have had to sleep on an ice pack, which I lost in the bed last night and HAVE YET to find it, the last 2 nights and NOTHING is helping. I've been told that nothing really will regardless if it's Pleurisy or a cracked/bruised rib. I am also a bit worried b/c I can pin-point it and touch it and it's a lump-like spot that is under my right breast, well after I lift it up (thanks again to put my boob WHERE IT USED TO BE. I am going to see how the week goes and if it continues to get worse, then I will go get it checked out. So for now, I need to find that ice pack and take some advil. :(
Oh, Bizzy B's is SUPER SUPER busy, well I need to be, with orders to do so please pray for patience in me. I tend to get worked up and antsy and a bit snappy when I've got a full plate. I know I have 2 hair bows, 1 diaper bag, 2 wipe cases and a new feather headband to do all before the end of April. I am thankful, I truly am, I will just need to watch my attitude and manage my time. I am getting a lot better at doing that. Thank goodness I've always been good at multi-tasking!
Any WordPress help and hair advice would help me too! ;) just had to throw that in :)
~God bless,


Ballinghoff Family said...

I love your hair!

Carla said...

I honestly think your hair looks super cute!!! I love the big curls!! I love big hair period!! HA

Mollie said...

I love the hair!! Think it is cute- honest...not in church answer!!

Try the dr Durham on the square- I had a rib out of place since...umm.. Sept and last month he put it back into place!!

He is quick and efficent!!

Sandi said...

WordPress is just another blogger method. They are not new, and I don't think blogger will delete your account unless it is offensive. Is your source on this reliable?

Melissa said...

im interested in learning more about wordpress too. please share any info you get~

i really like the curls. so much that i would love for you to explain or post a video or something on how to do it. see, i have thin hair too and it wont hold curl for anything! so i would love to try the chi method! thanks