Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lovely Leprechauns

These are my two favorite Lovely Leprechauns that I get the pleasure of calling all my own every day :)

(didn't get a pic of Josh in his green

(Sorry the pics aren't great...all I could do w/ a cell phone and a sleepy/hungry/ready-to-leave-the-church-nursery-&
Shelby's 1st St. Patrick's Day
March, 17, 2010
I just love her little two-toned shamrock pants! The top is a little A-line, long-sleeved top & you can't see them, but they have two shamrock pockets on the front! She also wore her lime green penny loafers too that she kicked off as soon as I wanted to take her pics but here they are from the Trumpette website (I"M SOOO GLAD she can FINALLY wear them! She has such small feet! 9 months old and size 2 shoes are big on her):

ARE THEY NOT THE CUTEST!? Stacy gave her these before she was born!
~God bless,

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RN Mama said...

Those penny loafers are amazing! I almost want a pair for myself:)

Your husband and daughter are so cute in that picture!