Friday, March 12, 2010

Fractured Friday

LITERALLY it's a "fractured friday" here in my world....not only was Shelby up from 10:30pm last night till 4:00am this morning, but as some of you have read in my previous posts and Facebook status updates, I've been suffering, from what I thought, was pleurisy that I found out today is in-turn a cracked rib. Yeahp...I cracked my rib from coughing so much. Leave it up to me! I just thought I was talented. I can crack a bone w/o even being hit! :) SO, I'm in a lot of pain, that you can't fix or really do anything for, STILL coughing, which I have to hold my boob very tight to do (which after having Shelby and breastfeeding her for the 7 1/2 weeks I did that, there's nothing left in my boobs so it doesn't hurt to squeeze 'em..sorry, TMI). I'm tired, I'm in pain, and the weather is RUINING my "dookey curls" I was bragging about :(...The Chi still does better than the curlers and curling iron though..
Today is my Sheebee Shake's 9 month birthday! I cannot believe it! Wow....9 months already?!
Here she is, sportin her headband as a choker necklace. That's my girl; use your accessories a variety of ways! A girl after my own heart! ;)

This is her, "Hey mommy, get me outta the car seat now" face... or you can interpret it as, "hey, what's up?!"

Hope you don't have a "Fractured Friday" but instead have a "Fabulous Friday," Spectacular Saturday" and "Spiritual Sunday!" Josh and I are singing together at a wedding tonight so that ought to be interesting since I can barely stand to stand must less stand up straight and use my full lung capasity! We are also singing w/ my hairdresser, Joana, on Sunday and I'M SUPER excited about that! We've all been wanting to sing together for a year at least now!
~God bless,


RN Mama said...

Adorable pictures!

Here's a suggestion for your broken/cracked rib. Get an ace bandage and wrap it around your chest/midsection as tight as you can. It will feel a lot better! My husband broke a rib playing basketball a couple years ago, and he said my ace bandage treatment was a huge help with the pain!

The Smith Family said...

She's so sweet! and getting so big! I remember the post when you brought her home from the hospital. It doesn't even SEEM like that long ago!
She's a sweetheart.

The Smith Family said...

PS... and I didn't tell you before.. I LOVE you hair, ANYWAY you wear it. You have such great hair, no matter what!
TOTALLY jealous!

Mollie said...

Bless your heart!! I had a feeling it was that- same thing I did!! It hurts...Crystal did it last year!!

We are all so talented!! Speaking of all did wonderful this morning- enjoyed it a whole lot!!

Happy 9 month Bday to Shelby!!