Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Fav's

So we are on our way to Dallas for the wedding & to visit Uncle Bear & Aunt Jessilu but I wanted to share some of my new "Fav's"...nothing really important to blog about but I do have some pics I'd like to if you get bored.

I love the new faces Shelby give me now...this one makes me think, "Umm can someone please come get me from this crazy, picture-taking, lady?" lol
Notice she has 2 clipped to her collar and one in her mouth...this is how she is every morning, even after we get dressed outta our PJ's. lol...half the time she takes the "nightime PapPap" w/ her on the way to Ms. Minnas and I have to leave it in the car. She's sneaky and sometimes hides it from me and stuffs it beside her in her seat. LOL...sneaky little girl!

Shelby now SQUEALS and I caught a pic of it! It's sooo high-pitched and ADORABLE! I also love her new Ralph Lauren Polo dress in teal!

This is my favorite shiney Vintage Pearl necklace that has my "2 stars" of my life, Josh & Shelby.

I found this Beaded Bow headband at a local shop here in town on the square and wore it for the first time and I really like it! Is it too youthful??
Just a few random pics and fav's :) oh, "fav's" stands for "Favorites" in case you don't
I hope to have lots of interesting pics from our Dallas trip to show you Monday! The wedding is a traditional Catholic-Vietnamese wedding!! "Once-in-a-lifetime experience," my mom keeps saying! I know it will be! I am so happy my 1st ever best friend is getting married,'ve been engaged FOREVER ( I think since 2003??? lol)! GOnna be gorgeous & unique! Also hope to get some great family pics too w/ Uncle Bear & Aunt Jessilu w/ Sheebee Shake! Don't cha just love our names?? LOL...
~God bless,


RN Mama said...

She just gets cuter and cuter! I love those hair bows, but I can't believe she keeps them on!

amy (metz) walker said...

I definitely don't think it's too youthful. I really like it! Hope you have fun in Dallas...I'll be there this weekend. Can't wait!