Friday, April 8, 2011

Great Swimsuits!!

Yes! You heard me right! I've found a great swimsuit!! Those words have NEVER been uttered outta my mouth before EVER, until now!
OMG, I've always dreaded swimsuit season, even when I was a size 2 (which is depressing to even think about me being that size before) but this year is different, which is odd b/c I've never felt more gross (other than right after delivery of Shelby). I'm pasty white, giggly, stretch marked, celluite city and saggy mommy boobies....with all that, why would I even say I've thought about a swimsuit!? LOL... So, here's the greatest suit EVER! I even ordered it w/o trying it on and ordered it online! LOL...
*NOTE: THIS IS NOT A PIC OF ME, AS MUCH AS I WISH IT came from the site...whoever she is, she's the body I used to have and wish I still did have!***

Yea, I bought them in teal and black! :) When I find something I love, I always buy it in all the colors that look good on me, the only other color this came in is white and that's a NO NO with me b/c white shows all my flaws and my pasty skin that i'm thinking of spray
OH and check out these awesome bottoms!

High Waist Bottoms provide tummy control when the waistband is worn up and are more hipster-style when the band is worn down.

I didn't buy these but I'm thinking I should! :) lol...MY PROBLEM
These suits came from Essential Swimwear and there are TONS of great suits! Now given, these are MOMMY FRIENDLY, not for the college when you're 28, have had a baby and no gym time, these are for you! :) OH AND THE SHIPPING IS $4 FOR ALL ORDERS! :)

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Angie said...

LOVE this suit! I think I am going to buy the same one!! Plus it will give me good motivation as well :)

Thanks for sharing...gone are my days of a bikini, I think I might have to go with the high waist bottoms for the tummy control :)