Sunday, April 10, 2011

Janet Manuel!!!

so first off, let me say I'm totally honored and in awe that I was even mentioned on Janet Manuel's blog! Totally shocked and jaw-dropped still!
Remember when I sewed up outfits for my friend, Erin, who moved to South Korea? Here's her outfits...

Well, she had her lil one, Chloe, photographed in one of her fav's by Janet!

I didn't make the hat or headband but loved these pics I just had to show you! It still shows the outfit though!

This is Erin (momma) and Chole! Isn't she adorable and what a beautiful momma!!

Thank you sooo much Erin for asking me to make Chloe's outfits and thank you Janet for the beautiful pics and the sweet blog post!!

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