Thursday, April 28, 2011

Almost caught up!

Wheeeeewwww I'm almost caught up but then again...Kim not! Hahaha I've got to make 6 clutches and a few brooches for a local store and then a few diaper bags to sell at a store in Texarkana and the clutches needed to be done lake last month! Ugh!!! I feel a late sewn night com in on.... However, I did get these done today....

Isn't it goooorrrrrgeous?! I just love the elegance and simplicity of this one! The solid black is black Minky Dot fabric and is sooo soft and warm. The custom embroidery looks perfect on it and is totally original and has a design within the stitching!

The wipe case is great too because it has different fabrics but the same elegance!

I also finished an outfit today! This is a 2T outfit and came out soo cute! I've gotta try it on Shelby to make sure it's gonna fit the little girl it's actually for right since Shelby can wear a 2T (she's still in some 18 month and some 24 m and 2t is too big)

One last goodie.... I finished a brooch last week for a friend for her to wear for Easter. It was done to match her dress so its totally customized by colors....

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