Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Woot Woot Wednesday

So not much goin on other than lots of laundry, house cleaning, lunch date w/ a great lady, some sewing and prepping now for shelby's 2nd birthday party com in up in June! So I guess I do have a lot goin
I know you're thinking I'm nuts and that June is far away but what you don't realize is that I'm a planner and her bday is the day our VBS starts and I'm over Crafts so I want her bday to be just as if not better than her 1st bday last year! I'm haven her party the day before our VBS starts so I'm asking for a headache I'm afraid but I've got pretty much all her party supplies collected! Wanna see what the theme is? Hahaha can u guess???

The number isn't right so don't let that fool you! Lol just wanted to show u the glitter! Lol
I also got new fabrics in!!

U like?? I do! I think I'll be makin something outta the first ones for ME!!!

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