Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Weight-loss Success

Also lost 9" off my hair... LOL

I'm proud to support and LOVE FFN and all it's done for me and my -25 Pounds and -24" LOSS but also wanna share a friend of mine who has had success too and her journey with FFN.  She and I aren't done yet with reaching our goals but we are feeling great and living great!!
 Here's Christon and her remarkable FFN Story:
Make Christon welcome y'all!! Give her a WOOT WOOT!!!

"When Bekah asked me to email her "my story" about my FFN journey, I was nervous!  I couldn't decide if I was going to tell my starting weight or my current weight, but here goes!  First of all let me start by saying the scale is NOT my best friend. Lol. But as my sweet coach (Renee' Eads) says "it's a process" I've tried many, many weight loss "fads" and have even struggled with anorexia, therefore my metabolism is shot! This is why I love First Fittness nutrition so much. There is no starving yourself or overrating. Stick to the program and you WILL get results! My coach has been a necessity to me through all of this. Renee' is excellent at what she does and never makes you feel dumb or like you didn't do what you were supposed to if the scale doesn't quite reflect the hard work you put in :) a lot of people that see me now ask my what I'm doing to lose weight so i tell them of course. Many people think that I am a FFN consultant because of how passionate i am about this program. I'm not, I'm just a 100% believer! The second question I always get asked is "how much does it cost" well that's a hard question to answer because your coach will  taylor a plan just for you. I do admit the old me would have asked that very same question. Now I look at it this way:

1)I used to throw so much money away, trying this diet and that. Imagine the money I would have saved had I known about FFN years ago!

2)how much money a week I used to spend on eating out, usually twice a day (including dinner with the family which is quite expensive as a family of 4)

3)I've helped my husband lose weight by just making better food choices for me and my family. We actually cook very night and would prefer to eat at home now.

4) I'm teaching my girls to eat right!

5) I feel 100% better!

6)I'm almost half way to my goal and it's only been 7 weeks or so.

7)no more money spent on indigestion meds. Me nor my husband has had to take any since July and we both used to take 4-6 pills a day.

8) my wonderful coach, who doesn't get nearly enough recognition for the time she puts in for each client! She will answer her phone any time I need her and always there to encourage me when I need it. Thank you So much, Renee'!
The list could literally go on and on, but I guess it's time to quit stalling and get down to the digits!  On July 6, 2012 I weighed 219.6 pounds, yes that's right :( now August 27, 2012 I weight 199.6 pounds. Still a whole lot, but 20 lbs lighter, I will definitely take it and keep going forward!!!"

Isn't she great!?? I just love how First Fitness Nutrition not only has changed my life but others as well!! :) Here's my story, which I've lost 5 more pounds since it was written and 5 inches as well....
Please feel free to message me, email, or facebook me with any questions you have regarding our weight-loss! :)


Mrs. Claus said...

I love you guys! What a great success story! I am so proud that I know both you and Christon! Woot Woot!! Keep up the great work! I love FFN and Renee too!!

CarinaR said...

WOOT! WOOT!! Christon!! So proud of you and Bekah both! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hearing about peoples true and lasting transformations! Keep up the great work! You have a great friend, Bekah, and a great coach, Renee'!