Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WOOT WOOT Moodylicious

WOOT WOOT WEDNESDAY TODAY IS......OH MY all i can say.....
Remember when I told you I actually WON SOMETHING and how awesome it was??
 let's let the pics speak for themselves....because it came in yesterday!!!!!
she was sooo thrilled to get a HUGE package all to herself (the smaller one is mine :) from Gigi w/ my new Vera Bradley Agenda!!)

Like Christmas in September!!

You can't tell but she SQUEALED with excitement!!

She LOVED all the tiny erasers!!

Figaro even checked it all out


First time in A WHILE she was running out the door to go to PreK! She loves it but isn't a morning person

I couldn't unlock the car fast enough!

"take a picture of my new big girl backpack mommy!"

JUST LOVE all the kisses!!
CUTEST BACKPACK EVER AND OMG...THE SCHOOL SUPPLIES!! However, she refused to let me have the rhinestoned coffee travel cup :( she drinks Dr. P out of it..haha.... She was sooo excited to take her new Beetle Britches backpack to Miss Minna's today and show her. :) She was really excited about the Kleenex travel little neat freak :)
Moodylicious and Beetle Britches,
I cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH and BoY oh Boy have I started a fire here in Magnolia, Arkansas because EVERYONE wants one and wants to know where it came from! :) THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! OH, and when I told Shelby how she won this amazing prize, she said, "I love to say the Pledge of Allegiance!" lol...
THANKS SOO MUCH to Moodylicious and Beetle Britches!

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