Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Photo Dump

So....not a lot to say other than what a weekend we had! First off, it was great goin to New Hope Baptist Church in Sparkman, AR Sunday with CrossPoint and as nervous and anxious as I was, SINGING WITH Josh and Brian turned out good.  Kevin had to travel on business and wasn't able to attend.  I had a good time worshipping with them and getting to use my voice for God, however I am glad that's over! LOL...
I started my new work schedule this week (Tuesday's and Wednesday's) and Shelby started back to "School" at Miss Minna's today too! She was sooo excited to go and see Miss Minna and her friends! We also registered Shelby for her 2nd year of dance yesterday! She's going to be in 4 CLASSES this year!! WOW! She was soooo excited but mad we didn't leave with her new dance shoes....hahaa....

I'm frantically sewing, when I'm not exhausted, designing for CrossPoint and keeping my home in order, or as best as it can be! LOL...
here's some recent sewing projects...the girly one of the two wipe cases has a bag to come that matches!

Ok...now for the photo dump...
hair as soon as she wakes up = rats nest


Figaro doesn't realize when she falls asleep she becomes the patient to Dr. Sheebee Shake

My new Scentsy Warmer!!

Super excited about Dance Registration at KDAS!

playin magnets with PopPop

How did she get this big??

LOVES Big Bear!

My college "sisters" gave Shelby this blankie at my baby shower before she was born and she STILL loves it!

My new work picture..that's an Apple/MAC Mouse...our boss decided it was necessary to take dept. pics reflecting our job and since I work on design work all the time all day, a MAC Mouse was just fitting he said :)

Have a blessed day......

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