Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pom Pom Bags & a Cold

I finally finished my best friend's order for her Scream Team (little girls) Cheer Squad that she ordered for some of her girls. This is the same team that I did the bows for. I ended up having to make 9 of these! It was fun but A LOT of work!
Here's the hair bows I did some time back that match their uniforms:

It's so fun to see the girls wearing their bows and soon to be using their pom pom bags. They are all sooo adorable!

Well, I have a SEVERE head cold now. I didn't sleep at all last night and cannot breathe out my nose at all! :( I'm soo miserable! I'm trying to get in touchw/ m dr. to see what I can do.

We start back to work Monday. :( I hope I feel better soon!


Amy Hightower Murphy said...

I think I have the same cold you do. And I've had it for over a week now! I can't get rid of it. If you figure out a remedy let me know! Hope you feel better!

Cute bags and bows!

Jeff, Lauren, Graham & Miles said...

Hey girl!! Sorry that you are under the weather. We usually tell our patients that if it is a Tylenol product it's safe to take during preg. Hope that helps!!
Don't know if you know or not - but Miles was born on 12/29. 8 weeks early. He's in the NICU but doing good. He's a red head just like Graham!! :) :) :) Check out the blog for pics and updates!!! Hope you start feeling better!

Kecia said...

Oh... Sorry that you're have a cold... REST!! You need to really rest!!