Tuesday, January 27, 2009

21 weeks!!

Wow, this is going by WAAAAYYY too fast! Not only can I tell our baby is getting bigger b/c I am as well, but knowing that there's a baby girl in there is even more amazing! It's sooo real now!!
Finding a comfortable sleeping position is getting harder and harder at night and that will only get worse I'm afraid. I slept last night and only got up ONE TIME (2am)! This is a HUGE milestone b/c I haven't slept but maybe 4 hours total off and on for the last 3 nights! Ahhhh I feel so much better today! :)

Well, we have a first name!!!!! :) Not so sure on a middle name though... We have chosen...are you ready?? ...

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We don't know really anyone with this name (other than this one girl but we don't know her) and this name is special because it's the name of the lead character of my favorite movie that me and my mom watch AT LEAST once a year,

I KNOW we know every line to this movie! In fact, the reason my wedding cake was red velvet cake was because of this movie! I did not want it in the shape of an armadillo though w/ grey icing! haha... But, this name is just fitting. Shelby's favorite color is pink and is a southern belle to the 'T' so it's just her!! Now, all we need is a middle name! :) haha..
Have a blessed, cold, rainy day (well it is here anyway....Ice is supposed to come tonight :( )!
~God Bless


Kecia said...

I love that movie... I crye every single time!!
Shelby is a beautiful name!!
God bless you!!

Meredith said...

Oh Shelby is a sweet and perfect name! What about Shelby Grace Kee?? Just a thought! You and I are just alike with Steel Magnolias! I know every line and people tell me I am like Shelby also! Funny! But again,I love your name choice! SO precious, Bekah!

Amy Hightower Murphy said...

I love the name Shelby, very pretty and southern sounding. And it always makes me think of Steel Magnolia's.