Tuesday, January 20, 2009

5 MONTHS... Boy?/Girl?

Mamm's, my other non-birth-momma that is also my dr.'s wife, sent me pic's of 2 of the 5 nieces she ordered the Oklahoma Sooner outfits for. :) aren't they cute? The youngest wouldn't keep the pants on..haha

Baby Kee is... A CANTALOPE!!

So today WE ARE 5 MONTHS (20 WEEKS) PREGNANT! HALFWAY THERE!! OMG!! IT'S GOING BY WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY TOO FAST! We also go to my dr. today at 2pm to TRY ONCE AGAIN to see if we're having a "cheeseburger" or a "turtle." haha... Since I was only 16 weeks the last time, we SHOULD BE able to tell for sure this time! I have been having little "pep talks" w/ the lil one daily preparing him/her for the "Big Show" that way he/she won't have stage fright! We had originally planned for our mom's to come to this dr.'s appt. w/ us but since Mammy (MIL) was out Friday w/ Pappy for his dr.'s appt. and teachers were out yesterday for MLK she didn't feel as if she should take off another day back to back so she isn't getting to come but my parents are coming and we have Mammy's school phone # on speed dial. :) haha... God is sooo amazing... I am just in awe of this miracle growing...

Please continue to remember the Stamps family in your prayers (again, click the "Praying for Harper" graphic at the top left-hand side of my page to read their story). I am praying so hard for God's miraculous healing and love around them right now.

I'll update as soon as I can!! :) Love ya and WISH US LOTS OF "BABY-REVEAL-YOURSELF-DUST" TODAY! :) HAHA.
~God Bless

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Kecia said...

Time sure is going by too fast!!
We'll be praying for the Stamps!!