Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shelby's got..

A full name now!!!!!!
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Lynn is my dad's name (well it's actually Lyndon but he goes by Lynn) and the spelling of Shelby's Lynne is "Lynne" b/c my middle name is Anne, spelled "Anne." :)
yeah!! this milestone has passed! wheeewww!!

And HER FIRST PAIR OF PANTS FROM BIZZY B'S (me, her momma, lol)!!
The smallest pattern I have is for 6 months so that's why they aren't so tiny like newborn stuff is. Haha. I'm working on a dress to match that will be ADORABLE when it's done! It's new for me so I'm gonna get help from my mom! haha

Nighty Night and God Bless!


Kecia said...

How cute are those!!
My god!!
Cute name!! Haha...

Meredith said...

Bekah, come on over to my blog! I have somthing for ya! Have a great day!

jill said...

tagged you. :)

jenjam said...

I love the name! So sweet!