Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DanceCamp Day 2 and BDay Prep4

Yesterday was Shelby's 2nd day of KDAS Dance Camp and she had a blast, of course! It was Jazz with Mickey and Minnie and she was sooo excited when I picked her up to show me Mickey and Minnie (2 stuffed joy in a child's heart is unexplainable!)! She even got to dress up like Minnie (all the girls did!)!

wow she looks like me! i'm told this a lot more lately and never have seen it til recently...she even says things like me, walks like me (mammy :) ), & ACTS LIKE ME (oops....payin for what Gigi went thru).  Wow, if i look half like she does, I'M BLESSED because she is the prettiest little miracle I could ever lay my eyes on and I SERIOUSLY DOUBT I reflect half of that beauty she has...Her heart is sooo beautiful...she's kind, vivacious, loving, feisty, fun, energetic, sweet, and a little momma more and more each day! :) we are blessed!

i dressed her in the outfit for day 2 of Dance Camp(minus the tights) she took her first day of dance in and then compared the pics and O M what a difference a year makes! She's losing the "toddler-look" more and more and it saddens me :( but I LOVE AND ADORE who she's becoming, whining fits and all!....

she's soooo much taller!! we measured her not too long ago and she was 38.5"....WOW.... maybe she's gonna be tall?! :) hope so!

while she was at Dance Camp, I worked on the last few decorations for her party and they turned out soo cute and how I had hoped....see, i get these ideas and visions in my head and never know how they'll turn out til i dive in and do them and i guess God has given me the talent to make what i see because that's pretty much how i do everything i i'm not a pattern or words of directions person..i'm

Tissue flowers are taking over our guest room lol.. and the bed..well it's covered with the rest of the friends told me yesterday when i picked up S from Dance Camp that I should be a party planner or make stuff for bday parties and that lots of other people have said that based on my pics I've posted on wow? really? i just enjoy doing this because there's no stress or pressure....hmm..maybe another Bizzy B's opportunity or option added?? lol.... I guess I'd do's fun and lets my creativity be expelled....if i build up my creativity inside, i get very uptight, moody, trapped and anxious...i've learned to just let it out and do something! lol.... I've always wanted S to have the best parties she could have, even if it means having hot glue burn blisters on every fingertip, tissue paper triangle scraps everywhere (aaahh OCD!!), and lack of sleep... i've been told, "oh the kids don't know the difference if you don't do ______." or "she's too young to remember you doing ____ so why not just not do that."  well that's not how i see it or function..... she may not remember and the kids won't care that all her goodie bags have to have 6 whiskers and proportionate bows in just the right spot, or that the cake pops be Hello Kitties with pink cake mix and perfect icing bows, but I DO and we waited too long to have this miracle in our lives and to celebrate her birth is a BIG DEAL to me and to think we went from being "infertile" to having an almost 3 year old is JUST GOD... so yes, i will break my back and burn my fingers to the bone if it means she have the best party she could have because her life is a celebration and gift from God i was told i could never get....

we ended our day with a tea party at Mammy's ....i just love her servant's heart.... Lord, let me be more like Shelby everyday and see the world through her eyes because she reflects You in all she does....except for those

have a blessed day.....

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