Monday, June 11, 2012

Bday Party Recap

What a day shelby's party was! it was sooooo much fun!!! the indoor inflatables at Treasureland in McNeil is A DEFINITE FOR MORE PARTIES! In fact, we are having Josh and Wes' there in Sept. haha 
Shelby had an absolute blast!!! She was wiped out, as were all of us, afterwards!!
Here's a recap of TONS of pictures....
the decor came together sooo nicely considering I'd never seen the place before and I only had 15 min.'s to decorate!! OMG....i was stressing but thanks to Ashley, Gigi, Gamps and Mammy, we got it done!!
She LOVED her outfit! :) it even lasted the entire day without one stain!!!

The decor was sooo pretty
we had an absolute blast playing first!!

 My dad even went down!! OMG... TWICE!

And Josh went down several times!!!!!

 Time for cupcakes and presents!!

Can't believe she'll be 3 tomorrow at 7:54am!! wow time has flown by!!

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