Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Woot Woot Wednesday

This week's Woot Woot Wednesday is gonna be a photodump, I know... I tend to just do those lately and I was told yesterday by one of my BFF's, JuJu, "You've really slowed down on your picture taking."  Which makes me sad because I wanna document every second of the day I have w/ Shelby but feelin like crap and being so busy, it's just not feasible... but I'VE GOTTA make it a point to do better! :)'s photos from the week (and some that I forgot to post last week) so far...
Muleriders are coming to Texarkana!

Shelby is feeding Molly Ann (the SAU mule) popcorn. She was pictured Tuesday in the Texarkana Gazette page 3A

me and one of my BFF's JuJu at the televised SAU vs. Harding game last thursday

Shelby and her dance friend, who's momma I went to college with, at Scarlett's 4th Superhero Bday Party

Shelby is a surfer for her friend Claire Bear's Surf's Up Bday party

Surfer Sheebs

It's fall and fall means "Fourly Wheeler Riding" time! I was riding next to her, big belly and all w/ Daddy driving

my favorite spot at the deer woods where Josh hunts where we can fish also :)

she had to ride w/ mammy & pop pop too on Pop Pop's big "fourly wheeler"

She loves Pop Pop's deer stand... i think this is the first year they're gonna brave takin her huntin

her first Starbucks (don't worry it's organic chocolate milk)

yes, that's our mascot in the Starbuck's drive out Texarkana, SAU is comin to town!

Josh teaching at CASE in Indianapolis... i'm so proud of him

My morning coffee walk today was gorgeous here at SAU...

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