Friday, October 11, 2013

So Blessed

This week has been ANYTHING but a breeze but has also been a blessing.  Josh has been gone to Indianapolis since Monday (returns tonight) and Shelby and I were supposed to go w/ him and stay w/ my BFF, Nichole in Jasonville but considering my health and all those issues goin on we were advised to no fly or go... Shelby has been a dream all week, except for her sleeping episode last night (Up every other HOUR!).... HOWEVER, this time w/ just she and I has been so precious and much needed!

I received these pics last night from my dear college buddy, Megan.  Shelby went to her oldest daughter's bday party a few weeks ago. It was a super hero bday party and shelby got to wear her Halloween Costume, Hot Pink Bat Girl, or as I'm calling her, "Super Sheebs!"  The pics are BREATHTAKING and I'm seriously considering using Megan's friend that's a photographer who took them! I love the misty/soft look of each pic!

future basketball player?! I think so!

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