Friday, October 18, 2013

Photodump Friday

SO.... BEEN EXTREMELY busy all week and don't have a lot to say, other than,
We are 20 weeks pregnant (Hallelujah for being halfway there!) and I felt the baby KARATE KICK me from the outside last night! :)
Here's this week's photodump...hold onto your panties....there's a lot!

Josh brought her this shirt back from his Indiana Trip... "Cow Tipper in Training" LOL.. we had to explain to her what that was... she thought it was crazy..

FINALLY decorated for fall... with shelby's help....

gonna be SUCH A GREAT Big sister

cat is mad because she has very limited lap space now to lounge and bite me in

SAU Outfit...gave me fits and gotta alter it again but it's cute!

sheebs caught 2 lizards!

20 weeks... runnin outta room fast!

Sheebs and Kymber... PreK friends

another Sheebee Selfie shoot on my phone so I found

Shelby's "Punkin" outfit w/ hand-designed and sewn appliques

Crazy Hair day at Mrs. Mandy's Learning Center to help recognize and show appreciation to our beauticians!

I just LOVE her style today! :)

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