Monday, February 23, 2009

What a weekend of sewing....

Wow, is all I can say... I think my "nesting" result from this pregnancy is sewing projects. Haha, I didn't realize how much I did till yesterday when I was uploading pictures to share! Wheewwww... No wonder I'm so tired and Shelby's so active! She's excited! Haha..
I'm going to share a few items a day so I won't bombard you with OODLES of pictures on this blog and so I have something to share this week with ya. :)
First off, I FINALLY got my camera back from Josh (he was out of town Tuesday through Friday)! Yeah! So, here's a better pic of Shelley's "S" bag from Wonderfully Wordy:

I just LOVE THE COLORS of this bag and am SERIOUSLY thinking of using this print for Shelby (at least for one of her bags..haha can't do just one now! haha)
I'll share another bag w/ you tomorrow and more cutesy stuff throughout the week! OH, started NEW OUTFITS for little babies (newborn especially till 3 months)! :) If you're on myspace, you've seen them so don't spoil the surprise, but if not, wait and see! :)

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The Smith Family said...

LOVE, love, LOVE it! Can't wait to get it! Yeay! Thank you SO much!