Tuesday, February 10, 2009

23 weeks today

Well today we are 23 weeks pregnant and boy O boy, should I say "girl O girl" lol, have we grown, Inside and OUTSIDE! Whheewww... out of breath all the time, hungry 24/7, tired, wabbly, and not to mention the karate kicks that not only I can feel this time but Shelby's daddy can as well! Whheeewwww, she's a kicker now! haah... it's so amazing!!
I am freaking out though b/c it all of the sudden dawned on me that we have 3 -4 months left of her safe inside and then her grand appearance will take place. O M G... We are sooooooooooooooo not prepared! I just ordered a decorative pillow from her bedding set to match paint with so we've not even picked out paint samples for the walls yet!! FREAKING OUT!!! We are registered though!



AND WILL BE registered at Pink & Blue on the square here in Good Ole Magnolia. :) I am posting the links to our registery on my sidebar so y'all can see.
So I do feel a bit of accomplishment, but O M G...SHELBY WILL BE HERE IN 3 - 4 MONTHS! I guess I"m used to having more months to go than accomplished...
Pray for me! LOL
I will be posting pics of new bags SOOOONNN! :) Finishin some up tonight!

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