Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wipee cover...

A dear friend of mine that is having a baby(which these days, it seems like everyone is) had her baby shower Sunday and all weekend I kept telling Josh, "We need to get Radeanna her baby shower gift..." and every time we had an opportunity to, we got side-tracked. Josh finally said, Saturday night, "why don't you just make her something? That would mean more to her." And he was right! I knew Stacy was making her a car seat cover and diaper bag so I didn't want to do her a bag, so the next thing I thought was, "A WIPEE COVER!" Everyone seems to like those and plus, you won't be apt to leave your wipees behind w/ a boutique wipe cover! :) haha... So, I knew she was having a boy so I went w/ my most popular prints, blue and brown paisley and dots! :) I think it turned out rather nice and she said, "Oh my gosh, umm, can this be used as a handbag because it's too cute to just be a wipe cover!" haha... That made me feel good and happy to know I listened to Josh! haha...

Inside ( I just love the teal and brown circle ribbon trim!):

The bottom:

Finished product!:

~God bless,
OH, My most favorite pics are coming tomorrow and Friday! They're Shelby Lynne items (our baby..haha not a designer... it does kinda sound designer-ish like that...haha)!

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Kecia said...

Yeah it does...Haha... Who knows,she will be as creative has her mommy!!

We love you in Christ!!