Friday, February 27, 2009

Best for Last!!

Well, it's Friday and I promised the best for last! I have had a very busy week so this stuff is the finale of what I did this past weekend. I am dealing w/ a sore back/pulled back muscles so I dunno how much I'll get accomplished this weekend but...we'll see!:)
Every time I look at these I just laugh and so does Josh! :) Shelby Lynne is going to be styling and profilin in her Mommy-made-too-cute-for-school onesies! These are also new items I'm making to sell also! But, these 3 are for Shelby, sorry. I can duplicate them and customize them to your liking! Josh's idea was the zebra ruffles and it's my favorite! His only request was that I do one in green's to compliment the gorgeous red hair she'll have! :) I PRAY SHE DOES! That's my only request Lord, pleeeeaaasssseee let Shelby Lynne have gorgeous red hair like her daddy! That is the only thing I've vainly prayed for from the day we found out we're expecting. I just want a red-headed baby... boy or girl... i didn't care, as long as he/she has red hair! And who doesn't love a red-headed little girl?! Come on! :) So, I will be making a few more of these and one will be in greens. :) haha... I've already got a dear myspace friend that I'm trading some wipee covers for some headbands that she has to match these that I can attach the bows too and is also sending me one that's a lime-green headband w/ a BIG O WHITE daisy on top! :) how cute is that gonna be? I love trading!! hahah.. anyhoo.. enough blog blabbing.. here's the pics of Shelby Lynne's new little onesies:
I had to do Pink and Brown, of course:

Bow that matches:

Hot Pink Leopard:

Leopard and marabou (hot pink feathers) bow to match:

Hot Pink Zebra:

Here's what the back looks like (on the other two w/o ruffles, the ribbons do go across like this also):

I made these bows for a festival and never sold them (which I"m happy about b/c i LOVE THEM) so I'm gonna make an outfit to match the teal one soon also, but here's the hot pink marabou (feather detail) bow:

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
~God bless,
Hubby and I are going on a mini-baby-moon getaway tonight! I'm sooo excited! We're just gettin away for the night, stayin in a hotel somewhere and being alone! :) yeah!


jill said...

how precious are those?!?!?? love love love it!

Kecia said...

She will be named the best looking baby!! Haha... Gorgeous!

God bless you!!
We love youin Christ!!