Tuesday, March 3, 2009

26 weeks today...


We have an eggplant! According to thebump.com, Shelby is the size of an eggplant until 28 weeks. I feel her move ALLL the time now. Sometimes it's even painful! I think she thinks my ribs are a wind chime she can kick and make them move/make noises b/c every time she does that, I move and make noise! haha... I think she's a bit confused...haha

Boy am I busy! Not only trying to plan for this little miracle but Bizzy B's is just bizzy bizzy these days! I've got 4 diaper bags I'm working on right now, at least 8 and will be more, wipee covers and I'm tryin to finish up some more onesies w/ bows for Shelby. I also got a new little dress pattern that I'm gonna try to do for her as well. I'm thankful the Lord is letting me use my talent's for Him. I just wish I could do this 24/7! It's getting harder and harder to work full-time and then come home, pick up a bit, find/cook dinner, MAYBE WALK or go to Yoga/the gym AND then start projects. I find myself being drawn to my PJ's and the couch w/ my "stinky pinky". Stinky Pinky is this blanket a sorority sister made me back in college that is pink and no matter how many times you wash it, it still stinks. Not terribly or enough to not make me want to use it, it just doesn't have that fresh smell. Not to mention it's Dee Dee's favorite to curl up on so I'm assuming he's aiding in the stinkiness. haha....
well, I'll HOPEFULLY be posting new pics of Bizzy B's stuff soon!
Oh, this week has been a doozy now....please pray for me! I"m losing it! My Monday (yesterday) started off by me dropping my cell phone into a full glass of orange juice on the way to work; cannot be fixed and then I went to bed and woke up this a.m. w/ a horrible sore throat that all I can take for is my allergy medicine, cough drops and Chloresceptic spray (which to me, is the most USELESS JUNK IN THE WORLD b/c it lasts about as long as Orejel does...haha).
~God bless,

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Kecia said...

Shelby is having the best time in your belly! I think she will be agreat dancer!!Ha!

We are still trying to figure out what to sent to princess Shelby,it's hard to give something to a baby who has pretty much everything!!

Sorry about your throat...We hope you'll get better soon!

We Love you in Christ!
God bless you all!