Thursday, March 12, 2009

Been a while...

Wow, so it's been almost a week since I've blogged.. :( Just been sooooo busy sewing I guess I forgot. haha.. I'm getting TONS done while Josh is away on business again. So far, as of Tuesday, I"ve gotten 2 Razorback dresses, 1 Medium-size Bag, and 4 wipee covers all finished! I've still got 2 more wipee covers for the order that the other 4 were for, and 2 diaper bags w/ matching wipee covers to do BEFORE Friday. My sewing room is being moved out of the nursery on Friday b/c my in-laws will be painting for us then and we've ORDERED THE BEDDING and it should be in early next week!! YEAH!! So.. I must sew till my fingers fall off to get as much done as possible before my "organization" become "disorganized" w/ me moving my things again.

Here is the Medium-size bag I finished last night. It can be a diaper bag but it's for a little girl who's birthday is the 21st so it's a "tote bag" for her :).

I have been blessed beyond belief from God but He's blessed me with also great people who surround me and new friendships every day! This lovely lady, Shelley, who I met here through my blog, ordered, TO THIS DAY, one of my favorite diaper bags I've ever made. She customed this bag to her liking to a "T". She picked her own fabrics and just let me go! :) I love it when I get that! She even blogged about me on her personal page! The title is called, "Bag Lady". She has two pages, The Smith Family and Wonderfully Wordy. She is AMAZINGLY talented and is the lady who made the vinyl for Shelby's wall that I'm soo anxiously awaiting to put above her crib. I love to see my creations be put to use and to see them find good homes. :) Thanks again Shelley and I WILL be ordering for you soon! Still wanting something cutesy for Shelby's room! :)
~God bless,

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Jakesmommie said...

Do you loan yourself out?! I would love to just come and hang out with you one day! You are so talented. I so wish I could get my feet off the ground and running with my making stuff!