Monday, March 30, 2009

**UPDATED**Sewing Maternity Leave

**UPDATE is at the bottom**
Yes, I have finally decided to go on "sewing maternity leave" w/ Bizzy Bs. :( On one hand, I"m sad, but another hand, I'm kinda relieved! I've got at least 5 orders piled up to do from being off for only a week and a half of sewing! So.. once these 5 or more are done, I'll be sewing for my Shelby! I will continue to post pics and such but no new orders will be accepted till at least September, which may change depending on how difficult having a little one will be for me to adjust to. I am still working full-time so I needed to make a choice and let something go b/c I just can't physically do it all like I could before being pregnant.
SO, those of you that are now worried b/c you've mailed your check to me and I've received it and you are waiting on your order, DON'T BE ALARMED! :) I am working on your orders! :) I just can't start on any new orders... my mind, body and Shelby can't take it. haha...Please feel free to email me though and I will start a "Post-maternity leave" list. I was and am very hesitant to do this b/c I don't want to lose any business but I must do what's right for my body and my family. Any pics I post from now till September will be any designs I will start back up with. Ugh this hurts to do this but... I do feel a sense of relief but still sadness...
Sorry :(
I do have LOTS of cute ideas for Miss Shelby and I can't WAIT TO START ON THEM! :)
WE HAVE FLOORS! After a week of living on our dirty concrete slab, the lovely people at Storey's Flooring in El Dorado came and laid down our flooring and fixed what HOME DEPOT so ungraciously messed up.
See, it all started almost 2 weeks ago when we scheduled HOME DEPOT to lay down the Pergo flooring we had purchased about a week or two before that. They were to come on a Friday, rip up our carpet in the great room and hallway and lay down this lovely flooring by the afternoon. INSTEAD, they came in and in 2 hours all they did was SLASH our carpet (not pull up but slash into 8 pieces) and cut into our fireplace, yes, causing at least 2 inches of dust to float around my house landing on EVERYTHING, even in the rooms we closed doors too, and saw a hairline crack in our concrete and REFUSED TO DO ANYTHING ELSE and LEFT. They said they could not lay the flooring on the crack b/c it was through the foundation and that all they could do was lay tile over it (which i'm not a 'flooring expert' but TILE WILL CRACK OVER A CRACK IF THAT'S THE ISSUE!). So, Josh called several contractors to come assess the issue and ALL 3 of them said, "these people just didn't want to work" and for those men to show them a house in South Arkansas that doesn't have a crack in their concrete. OH, and HOME DEPOT wanted us to pay $225 for the men "losing their day." haha.. umm.. no.. we went the next day (an hour away) to get our installation payment back and to tell them WE WERE NOT paying the $225 b/c of what they did and how they treated us and left our home. SO, we got our $$ back and ended up not paying the "loss of day" fee. :) One of the contractors that came out suggested Storey's to us and so we went w/ it and they came Thursday and did this (I didn't have the heart to take pictures of before b/c it was sooo bad but this is the finished product that we're MORE THAN happy with):

This is another factor in me deciding to go ahead and go on "Sewing Maternity Leave." After dealing w/ all this, I"m SOOOOO behind on my orders b/c I could not sew b/c of the demolition in my house! haha.....


The Smith Family said...

Good for you! You need a break. I would do the SAME thing!
Good luck on everything.

Kecia said...

You really need to do this! It is time to focus on you and Princess Shelby... We are sure that she is veeeeery happy with your decision!

Kecia said...

Nice floors!