Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fabulous Fabrics

***UPDATED***I'll try to post pics of the things I finish! Here's the first one, a wipe case cover!
My mind has been FLOODED with ideas lately of what to make for Miss Shelby, our lovely princess-to-be. I have made a list and I am making her
* 2 Diaper Bags (One Standard Size and one Sunday size)
* 3 Minky Blankies (20" x 20")
* 3 Taggie Blankies (10" x 10")
* AT LEAST 1 wipee case (DONE!!! FINISHED! The fabric is pink & brown..had to take pic w/ my phone. Josh has my camera at his office :( )

* AT LEAST 4 burp clothes
* AT LEAST 4 appliqued onesies w/ or w/o skirts and ruffles
* TONS OF HAIR BOWS for headbands and to be used later on
* 2 Pacifier clips
* Hand-painted wall letters w/ ribbons
* And probably a lot of other stuff that my mom will make...
Right now, this is my list of what I "would like to" accomplish for her. :)
And, here is the lovely fabric collection I would like to use:

I'm sure there will be more added but for now, this is my "Fabulous Fabrics" wish list! Hahaha... OMG, I'm sooo gonna be sewing till my fingers fall off! haha
~God Bless

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Kecia said...

Shelby issuch a lucky girlfor having a Mommy that is so creative!
Beautiful fabrics!
We love them!
God bless you!